About the Family Fly

Welcome to House of the Flies. These are stories about me and my family. I have three children–Big Boy, James, Baby Girl–and a husband, Husband. We used to have a dog, but he bit my oldest son, Big Boy, in the eye, and then he went to live in the country. No, really. He went to live in the country with a nice family that the breeder found.

My middle son, James (the only family member I’ll identify by name), has a very rare genetic seizure disorder that causes multiple and severe developmental disabilities. As of his diagnosis two years ago, there were only about twenty of these cases diagnosed world-wide.  We first found out that James was not a genetically typical child when he began having seizures at ten days old.  James is now three. He is a sweet, social, and engaging little boy.

Big Boy is five, and Baby Girl was born in the spring of 2013. They are also unique and delightful little people.

We live in North Carolina.

Why House of the Flies? You may remember the novel, Lord of the Flies, from your summer reading in high school. In the novel, a group of British schoolboys is shipwrecked on a tropical island without any adults. They try to create their own society, using a conch shell to maintain order, but ultimately the group devolves into savagery.

We’re not savage–yet–but Husband often comments that the house is “all Lord of the Flies” when he gets home from work and I’ve been home with the kids that day. Welcome to our world.


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